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   We 're so grateful for the support, positive feedback and real affection we 've already received from our wonderful customers. 

You can read what they have to say here. Then we invite you to join the people who have already enjoyed the amazing Power of Herbs to give new life to their hair. Sleek, happy, healthy hair awaits!

SAMOL Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil has made Jacqueline's Top 10 Best Buy of the Week at REVEAL MAGAZINE!


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Saira Choudhry, Ilford: "A herbal hair oil with a history! I am SO lazy when it comes to putting oil in my hair but I had to give it a go with all the nourishing ingredients it has and the history behind it. I can now confidently say you will not be disappointed! It left my hair silky and soft with noticeably less hair fall. Give your hair the treatment it deserves!"

Chloe Robertson, Colchester: "I was reluctant to try SAMOL as I have never heard about an overnight hair oil treatment before and the smell seemed quite strong. However as soon as I applied the oil, I immediately fell in love with the smell. I found it incredibly soothing and relaxing and I had the best night sleep in weeks.  After the wash, my hair felt very well-conditioned. I could not believe the results just from one use. My hair physically has never felt so soft and conditioned since I started dying my hair when I was 13 and it has completely revived my colour.
From complete scepticism to a converted preacher, obviously shows the high quality and the excellence of SAMOL oil. My hair feels as though it has had an expensive treatment at a salon, and it smells delicious. I cannot wait for the full product to launch as I will be the first one in the queue to purchase!" 
Bahar Yagci, Woodford Green: "Excellent product. After having ombred my hair a couple of times and being in pool chlorine 3 times a week my hair was in a serious state. It was very dry, knotted easily, frizzy and also fell out.
I was very excited at the combination of so many quality of natural oils and herbs in one bottle. The application felt very therapeutic. It softened & calmed my untameable hair immediately and I left it overnight. Washing was easy, the oil did not leave a sticky feeling and I could see the sheen immediately. My hair looked a lot smoother, calmer with incredible softness & airiness to it as if I had a salon treatment. Fantastic outcome in just one usage and am really looking forward to the long term repair benefits with regular use. I will recommend it to anyone to try it and see the great outcome for themselves."

Ishrat, Chigwell: "My hair were very very dull and dry. Now after using SAMOL my hair are smooth, silky, soft and shiny. It’s a really good oil and I want to use it again!"

Mary Smith, Colchester: "I suffer from Psoriasis - the product was mild on my scalp and gave me instant relief. I have only used it once and  the end result was my hair looked beautiful and shiny – my hair suddenly looked alive!"

Aneeta Solomon, London: "I found SAMOL very useful for my dull and frizzy hair. With first attempt it worked very well. It brought life and volume to my hair. Soft and shiny hair. I left it overnight and felt relaxing! I would highly recommend this oil to everyone without hesitation."

Valentina Di Maggio, Italy: "I have never used an oil before a shampoo. I usually put the oil in my hair after washing and drying. SAMOL gave me a wonderful relax feeling while massaging through roots. My eyes were closing and I felt sleepy. I kept it all night until I washed my hair the next morning. I did not even brush and it looked as if I had just come out of the salon. The volume of my hair doubled and the shape was all so nice. I will definitely use it again and will also recommend to my friends." 

55+ Female, Hertfordshire: "I have been using SAMOL twice a week for over three years. It leaves my hair feeling thick, healthy and glossy and for best results should be rubbed into hair/scalp and left overnight. The treatment is especially nourishing during summer months when hair can feel dull and frizzy. It is a treat every time I use it and I am so glad this will be available in the market for purchase. This is a natural product and therefore does have herbal smell. I would definitely recommend it."

Jyoti, Hertfordshire: "SAMOL is a fantastic hair oil. I massage it into my scalp, leave it on overnight and wash out in the morning. It instantly relaxes me, gives me a really good night sleep and makes my hair smoother, sleeker and softer, getting rid of nasty frizz! I would highly recommend it."

Ruby, London: "For last three weekends I have used SAMOL in my hair and I feel my hair have been restored!! They were brittle and falling out over years and I have used a lot of products available in the market. After using SAMOL my hair now feel so silky and shiny and the hair fall has too reduced significantly. I will definitely continue using it."

Mrs Sheikh, Essex: "After using SAMOL for 2 weeks I noticed a big difference in my hair. The way it felt, the way it sat, the way its shined were all SO much better! Whilst using it my hair feels stronger too and I have noticed less hair fall. This is no doubt a premium product, one which every woman shouldn't be without!"


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