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Our values: we are committed to honouring the natural world and ancient wisdom, and to respecting and helping people.

We inherit a long and noble tradition of preparing treatments based on healing herbs. So we take the greatest care in selecting only the safest, natural and time-proven ingredients. We always put personal care and close attention into everything we do. All our products are made and blended by hand, and every bottle of SAMOL is filled and labelled by hand. SAMOL is not tested on animals - we would never wish to inflict pain or distress on another living being.

We also take pride in being a British brand, and being able to add something positive and healing to people's lives and to our shared culture. We are also committed to helping our communities grow, and the vast majority of our suppliers are UK based. We believe that every little helps to build the UK economy, and bring us together as friends. 

We strongly believe that hands are made to help, and that we rise by helping others. So with every single sale of SAMOL, we make a contribution to help feed the homeless in the UK.

Thank you for joining the SAMOL family, and helping us in our work to help others.