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A legacy is taken up and exclusive beauty treatments are now made available to everyone. A mother and a daughter are sharing their ancestral heritage, bringing THE POWER OF HERBS to the world. Now you can add lustre, health and beauty to your hair and skin....

A family vocation reborn

Samar's grandmother and Samina's mother was the Begum Askari Hamid  a celebrated herbalist from a long line of practitioners. The Begum had achieved international fame in the 1970s as "the woman who does wonders with hair".



Her 'miracle' hair treatments were based on the family's calling as herbal healers, drawing on ancient Unani medicine to create homemade natural remedies. The Begum used the family's traditional herbal oil recipe on hr own hair, and received so many compliments that she started giving the oil to her friends. Its fame spread, and the Begum was persuaded to sell the oil all over Pakistan, where she was then living. She called the oil ASKAROL - and it became a sensation of the 1970s.


With royal testimonials including the Nawab of Junagadh, Princes Abida Sultan of Bhopal, the Begum became a fixture on popular TV shows and in fashionable magazines. Askarol sales grew and grew from the early 1970s until just before the Begum's death in 2008. Fortunately her family carried on the Unani herbal tradition. And so, history repeated itself.....


"We have a duty to continue Begum Askari's work"

Begum Askari's daughter Samina Hamid (herself an Unani practitioner) and grand daughter Samar Farooq decided it was time to make their family's herbal health and beauty treatments more widely available.

They worked on Askari's celebrated herbal hair oil, and finally added new ingredients to make it more potent but still deriving its goodness from the old family recipe. The result is SAMOL Herbal Hair & Scalp Oil, now available in the UK.

After more than a decade of silence, THE POWER OF HERBS are here to make your hair sing again!




Unani health and beauty: drawing on the ancient wisdom of Ancient Greece, Persia and India

Unan was the name for eastern parts of the Ancient Greek civilisation, and the home of Unani herbal medicine. This is based on the healing powers of over 4,000 individual herbs. Famous practitioners include Hippocrates himself, the founder of modern medicine, and Galen, the most famous of all Roman physicians, Around millennium year of 1000 AD Unani traditions were developed into an elaborate medical system by the Persian doctor Avicenna, who also integrated Indian Ayurvedic disciplines and treatments.
As well as healing, Unani herbal remedies were also used for beauty.....
.....And, in particular, to promote long and lustrous hair.