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Legend has it that Cleopatra skincare secret weapon was Donkey's milk to stay forever young! Hailed as an ancient anti-ageing skin tonic, SAMOL is pleased to announce the launch of its first skincare product - a multi purpose mask-cum-exfoliant Herbal Face Elixir.

A powerful and exotic combination of Donkey's milk, Mustard Seeds, Rose Oil and Triphala to give you radiant, glowing and hydrated skin. 

Main Ingredients:

Donkey's milk is rich in fatty acids and vitamins (mainly 60 times more vitamin C as cow's milk). Receiving significant press coverage lately, it regenerates the skin and is anti wrinkle and anti ageing. Also promotes hydration. 

Mustard Seeds act as a natural exfoliant erasing impurities from your face and making your skin smooth and shiny. 

Bulgarian Rose Oil needs no introduction, an anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator loaded with therapeutic benefits for the skin.

Taking a holistic approach towards beauty, our products must have favourite ingredient is Triphala which helps rejuvenates skin.


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